CDC on Circumcision: Just Lie, No One Will Notice!

17 Feb

Don't Get Stuck With HIV

Professor Robert van Howe was requested, in his capacity as a pediatrician with an expertise in male circumcision, to peer-review the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) draft recommendations following their ‘Consultation on Public Health Issues Regarding Male Circumcision in the United States for the Prevention of HIV Infection and Other Health Consequences’. The full peer-review is available on the site, with some comments and a brief extract on the Circumcision Information website.

One might think, from the constant bombardment of articles in praise of circumcision, that there was a fair body of thought in favor, and a comparable body of thought against the practice. However, the majority of countries in the world do not practice routine male circumcision for ‘medical’ purposes, and only a minority do so for religious and/or cultural reasons. Enthusiasm for the operation for ‘medical’ reasons emanates almost entirely from the US.

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