HIV and Funerals in Kenya: Just add ‘Culture’ and Stir Vigorously

4 Feb

Don't Get Stuck With HIV

What probably should have remained someone’s blog post about a visit to Western Kenya has been published in the Journal of Public Health. A young woman was taken to a ‘disco funeral’ in Western Kenya and was told about what happens during such events. The woman goes on to speculate about sexual behavior at funerals, HIV, and possible connections between the two.

However, the article reads like an uncritical and unreflective account of the experience of one white woman being invited to a funeral and attracting the interest of a drunken man while there, and does not seem to shed any light on the possible contribution of ‘disco funerals’ to HIV transmission, which is probably very small indeed.

The author appears to have believed everything she was told, and even found other published articles to support some of her claims. However, any kind of direct connection with HIV transmission seems…

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