Gilead to Bottomfeed on Pfizer’s Unwitting Victims?

5 Jan

Don't Get Stuck With HIV

If there was an injectible birth control method that doubled the risk of HIV positive people using it infecting their partner, and also doubled the risk that HIV negative people using it would be infected themselves (if their partner is infected), you’d expect the WHO to issue a warning, right?

But Depo-Provera (DMPA) is widely marketed by NGOs and other institutions running family planning programs in developing countries, and WHO (World Health Organization) evidently believes that reducing births is more important than safety.

This is great for Pfizer, and now, thanks to their new symbiotic relationship, it’s great for Gilead too, because women using Depo-Provera may be able to reduce their risk of being infected, or of infecting their partner. All they have to do is take drugs kindly produced by Gilead, in the form of pre-exposure prophylaxis (the use of antiretroviral drugs, either daily or intermittently, to…

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