Gates, Branson and Edwards: Furthering the Interests of Environmental Destruction

21 Feb

You might think dumb ideas would remain just that, ideas. But ‘cloud-seeding‘ is claimed to have prevented flooding in Indonesia. The technique is said to speed up the production of rain for use in drought hit areas, or in the hope that the rain will fall in the sea, before it reaches flooded Indonesia, for example. Those involved claim to be mimicking nature but it must be wondered what happens further on in the cycle. Or are scientists engaged in cloud-seeding somehow above nature, so there are no unpredictable consequences? Another scientific source has pointed out that there is no proof that the technique has much effect under the circumstances in question.

Cloud whitening is another geoengineering technique that you might think could have unpredictable consequences, ones that need to be fully explored before it’s unleashed on an undeserving world. One reason for questioning the use of such techniques is the backing of research into them from Bill Gates, despite there being a moratorium on such experiments. He seems unaware, or uninterested, in the fact that these techniques are not universally welcomed, and are opposed by most environmentalists. But Gates broadly supports industrialists who are lobbying for a ‘business as usual’ approach to climate change, in other words to ignore it altogether or vehemently deny it is happening.

It’s not just global warming for which Gates would like to find a quick technological fix (preferably one that permits ‘business as usual’ for greenhouse gas polluters). There’s also polio, rotavirus and various other health problems, which he is going to solve with drugs, hunger, which he is going to solve with genetically modified organisms and ‘family planning’ techniques, and so on. A handful of people and multinationals stand to make billions out of these ‘solutions’, so Gates is not without powerful friends. Some of his current friends include arch polluter Richard Branson and Mr Murray ‘tar sands’ Edwards. Are these the people we want determining the future of our environment?


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