Why the Dearth of Bilaterals in Cambodia?

16 Feb

I’ve spent much of the week trying to familiarize myself with everything the organization I am working for has done in the past, and looking for the most likely sources of funding available to us. Bilateral donors are thin on the ground. Only a handful of countries donate money to Cambodia. Several more had a relationship in the past, but have parted ways. I’m not really sure why Cambodia is now relatively isolated from wealthy countries or why former relationships have ceased. It’s not as if the country is less needy than other countries. Cambodia does badly on the corruption perception index, with a score of 22 out of 100. But lots of poor countries score badly on corruption; and cutting funding seems unlikely to reduce corruption, nor to protect those who are victims of corruption. Let’s hope there are some foundations and other sources of funding that will be more sympathetic towards Cambodia.


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