New Country, New Blog

9 Feb

After five years in East Africa I am now in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, working as a grant proposal writer for a small human rights NGO called SISHA. It was nice working in Kenya and Tanzania, but there’s only so much voluntary work you can do. And given that I am not really doing much relating to HIV, now seemed like a good opportunity to suspend my HIV in Kenya blog for the time being. I may post now and again, I don’t know yet. I’m not even sure what kinds of things I’m going to blog about on Blogtivist, but I guess I’ll soon find out…

As a grant proposal writer who is very interested in various areas of development and especially in human rights, I will be on the lookout for issues that may seem tangential to SISHA’s main activities, which relate to human trafficking. For example, I notice there has been an interesting report on land grabbing here as well. Some of the land grabbed is to be used for sugar cane plantations, so it’s likely there will be labor issues there. I’ll share whatever I find and, being somewhat opinionated, I’ll also share my opinion.

Welcome to Blogtivist.


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